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This is the current scene out our back door right now:

We’re currently mid-blizzard. There’s about six inches on the ground and the heaviest bands of snow are just getting to us now. It’s been snowing for about nine hours and we’ve yet to see a plow. It’s safe to say we’re snowed in. 

Ice cream might seem like an odd treat for a day like today but it’s so fun I had to make it anyway. This is so kid-friendly; I wish we had made this growing up!

The best way gather the snow for this is to put a large, clean bowl out when it starts snowing to collect it. If you’re currently getting hit by the blizzard, your bowl should fill up in no time!

Snow Ice Cream
(Adapted from AllRecipes)

1/2 c. sugar
1 t. vanilla
1 c. milk
Large bowl of snow

In a large bowl, combine milk, sugar and vanilla. Stir in snow until it reaches an ice cream-like consistency and serve immediately.

5 thoughts on “Snow Ice Cream

  1. I love snow cream. We’ve been making it as long as I can remember. Due to our white Christmas I introduced my great niece and two great nephews to snow cream last night. They loved it.

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